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About OMAA

OMAA was formed in 1958 “for Chief Administrative Officers to meet periodically and to assist in the promotion of better local government”.  The first meeting was attended by 10 CAOs.

Today OMAA’s membership represents approximately 300 of Ontario CAOs (Active) and “Aspiring CAOs” (Associate-A) Members. 

OMAA provides professional development, networking opportunities, a voice and support for Ontario CAOs and Associate-A’s.- all in the interests of good governance.  

The OMAA Board of Directors

The Association is governed by an eleven member Board of Directors. Directors are elected to serve for two to four year terms, with an option of advancing to Executive positions.

The current OMAA Board of Directors 

Learn more about the Duties and Responsibilities of an OMAA Board Member

OMAA Staff

The OMAA Board is supported by a part time Executive Director who is responsible for member services and annual programming, as directed by the OMAA Board.

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The OMAA By-law

In 2018 OMAA became incorporated.  A By-law has been established which governs our work, including our role, our membership, responsibilities of our executive and procedural requirements.

The OMAA By-law

The OMAA Code of Ethics

Active members of OMAA agree to adhere to the Association code of ethics.  The Code of Ethics recognizes that as executive municipal leaders, CAOs and Associate-A’s are already bound by other documents representing integrity, principled and ethical behaviour.  The OMAA Code of Ethics is a set of tenets that outline values and beliefs for senior leaders within the municipal corporation

The OMAA Code of Ethics

The OMAA Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of OMAA Members and visitors to the OMAA website.

A Board approved OMAA Privacy Policy exists to protect the interests of our Members. As well, for the purposes of this website, an OMAA Privacy Policy - Website is in place as the standard by which this website has been established.

The OMAA Strategic Plan

OMAA's Board of Directors reviews its strategic plan approximately every three years to ensure a focus direction for the Association.

The 2017 OMAA Strategic Plan

The OMAA Annual Report

The OMAA Annual Report is presented to Members at the time of the Annual General Meeting providing an overview of annual Association activities and financial health.

The 2017 OMAA Annual Report

OMAA Board Sub Committees

Each year, the OMAA Board establishes or endorses the ongoing work of a number of Sub Committees. These Sub Committees are chaired by a Board Director, with support from the Executive Director and are comprised of volunteers from the Board and general OMAA Membership.

The 2017/18 OMAA Sub Committee Structure